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Monday, May 31, 2010

Summer Time!

As I got up this morning to get ready to leave for the airport, I was excited yet sad. I love being home! I love spending time with my parents and just relaxing at home! It gives me a sense of comfort and safety. While I was home for all of May, I got to go on "dad dates", spend lots of quality time with my mom and also enjoy lots of laughs and fun times with my sister! Time always goes by so fast, and yet I never get to do all that I wanted too! I got to see mostly everyone that is special in my life (minus a few) and really relax without taking any tests or having to study!

I am headed back to Flagstaff today and even though I was a bit sad to leave I am so excited to get back! I am moving into a 3 bedroom apartment with my best friends! It is going to be a year that I will never forget! =] I have made the best of friends in my masters program and we always have fun together!

SO here is to today! I have promised myself to live for me, to do what I want to do and know that I will succeed! I am going to have an amazing summer! =]

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